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Standards for Accreditation - Revisions (Oct 2016)

Public Technical and Career Schools/Centers

The Standards for Accreditation for Public Technical and Career Schools/Centers were authored by the NEASC-CTCI ad hoc Standards Revisions Committee and adopted by unamimous vote of the Committee on Technical and Career Institutions at its October 28, 2015 meeting. Revisions to the 2015 Standards were proposed to the Committee and were adopted at its meeting on October 25, 2016. The revisions approved are as follows:

Standard 1, Indicator 2 (italicized text added to indicator)

The school/center has challenging and measurable learning expectations for all students which address career, academic, social, and civic competencies.  Each expectation is defined by specific and measurable criteria for success, such as school/center-wide analytic rubrics, which define targeted high levels of achievement.

Standard 3, Indicator 4

Removed bullet that reads "Performing and analyzing student observations"

Standard 3, Indicator 4 (italicized text added to bullet in indicator)

...using feedback from a variety of sources, such as students, other teachers, supervisors and parents

Standard 4, Indicator 3 (italicized text added to indicator)

Teachers communicate to students the learning expectations and the unit-specific learning goals to be assessed 

Standard 6 (added the two new indicators listed below) 

  • Indicator 14:  Residential Program creates and maintains an environment that allows students to learn and practice independent and community living skills
  • Indicator 15:  Residental Program provides a safe, secure, clean, and attractive physical and social living environment for students that is appropriate to their varied needs and levels of maturity.