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Answers to commonly asked questions about Technical and Career School/Center Accreditation

Who is on the NEASC Committee on Technical and Career Institutions?

The NEASC Committee on Career and Technical Institutions is a subgroup of the Commission on Public Schools. NEASC-CTCI consists of faculty and senior administrators from member institutions, as well as representatives of the public who have worked outside education. View the list of Commissioners who currently serve on the Committee on Technical and Career Institutions here.

Who are the peer reviewers that visit schools during an accreditation assessment?

NEASC-CTCI maintains a database of more than 2,000 experienced educators from technical schools who have volunteered for the important task of serving as a NEASC Accreditation Visiting Team member. They are carefully selected and trained to observe and review institutions according to the NEASC Standards for Accreditation.

Does NEASC accredit the professional program at my institution?

NEASC accredits institutions as a whole. Therefore, if the institution is accredited by NEASC, then that status encompasses the entire institution. For information about whether the program has specialized (or programmatic) accreditation, consult the institution or the accreditor in that field.


I need to prove that I graduated from an accredited institution. Can you help me?

Contact the registrar of your institution, who can validate its accreditation status and provide proof that you received your certificate/diploma.

How can I get a copy of an institution’s accreditation report or self-study?

NEASC does not release institutional reports or correspondence (view NEASC policies for more details). Some institutions post their reports and self-studies on their websites. You can also contact the chief executive officer of the institution.

What happens to my records if my school closes?

The closing institution arranges with the state department of education or other appropriate agency to file all academic records as well as financial aid information. You should receive a notice from the school about arrangements made for filing student records. Begin further inquiries by contacting the education agency in the state where the institution was authorized to operate. If the college merges with another institution, that institution will receive the records. If you need further assistance, contact a member of the NEASC-CTCI staff.