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A Comprehensive School Improvement Process

Accreditation is achieved by applying NEASC-CTCI's Standards of Membership through a deliberate process of self assessment and peer review.

This process includes institutionial self-study and evaluation, accompanied by Commission examination and analysis leading to accreditation. The Standards set the foundation for the cycle of accreditation, providing clear and comprehensive school improvement models.

One hundred percent of NEASC-CTCI schools surveyed in 2005 attest to the short- and long-term affects of all aspects of the process. One participant summed it up by saying, "the process has impacted the quality of education at our institution by not only identifying areas where improvements could be made, but also by affirming the degree of excellence where it already existed."

Bruce Sievers
Associate Director, NEASC-CPS

Image c/o Shawsheen Technical High School (Winner, 2018 CPS photo contest)