Focused Visit

The following documents should be reviewed in advance of the evaluation on which you have agreed to serve. 

  1. Letter to Focused Visiting Team Members
  2. Instructions for Focused Visiting Team 
  3. 2009 Standards of Membership
  4. Evaluator Selection, Ethics and Responsibilities
  5. Policy on Conflict of Interest
  6. Visting Team Program Narrative Outline

Evaluation, in addition to all subject matter areas, encompasses School Staff and Administration, Student Services, the Educational Program, the Student Activity Program, Learning Media Services, and the School Facilities.

The visiting team Chair will send further information, team assignments, and instructions approximately one month prior to the scheduled visit.  The host school will also be sending to you information regarding travel, lodging arrangements, etc.

Please keep in mind that your commitment to serve is very important, as it is nearly impossible to fill a vacancy in the month preceding the visit.  Should you need to drop off the visiting team, please: (1) notify your Superintendent/Principal/Director and, perhaps (s)he can arrange for a replacement in the same field, and (2) notify the Committee office immediately at 781-425-7743.