You have been selected as a chairperson for either a decennial or focused visit to a member institution. The materials posted to this page will assist you in conducting the visit, which is integral to the accreditation process. On the other hand, we realize the importance of your role in that process. The Committee could not serve its member and affiliated schools and colleges without the invaluable service which you provide.  The procedures contained herein have been developed to guide you as you prepare to chair either a decennial or a focused visit evaluation. Although these procedures have proven helpful for many chairs in the past, your suggestions and ideas are welcome. Improvement in the chairmanship of accreditation teams is of primary importance. We look forward to your input.

Once your chairmanship of a visiting committee has been approved by the institution under review, it is important for you to begin the process of communication with the superintendent/principal/director of that institution. We suggest that you contact that person as soon as convenient to start the process of developing logistics for the visit. Additionally, you will be notified of the names and schools of visiting committee members on a regular basis. Communication with them should begin in a timely fashion.

Thank you for your commitment to regional accreditation and to the Committee on Technical and Career Institutions.

Gratefully yours,

Bruce R. Sievers, Associate Director
Committee on Technical and Career Institutions


Five-Year Focus Visit Team Sample Report

Five-Year Focus Visit Team Report Template

Closing Remarks Sample