Public Disclosure by Institutions

Release of Information by Institutions Regarding Their Accreditation Following Committee Action

At the conclusion of the evaluation process, institutions are encouraged to make information about their accreditation status publicly available, including the findings of evaluation reports and any obligations or requirements established by Committee action, as well as any plans to address stated concerns. While the Committee does not release copies of Self-Studies, other institutional reports, evaluation reports, or notification letters, it believes it to be good practice for institutions to make these materials available after notification of action on their status. Because of the potential to be misleading, institutions are asked not to publish or otherwise disseminate only selected excerpts from these materials. While the Committee does not initiate public release of information on actions of warning, show cause, or deferral, if such information is released by the institution in question, the Committee will respond to related inquiries.

If an institution releases or otherwise disseminates information that misrepresents or distorts its accreditation status, the institution will be notified and asked to take corrective action. Should it fail to do so, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, acting through its Chief Executive Officer, will release a public statement in such form and content as it deems desirable providing correct information.

See Public Disclosure of Information About Affiliated Institutions to download as a PDF and view policy in its entirety.