Complaints Against the Commission

Complaints against the Commission are considered only when made in writing and when the complainant is clearly identified. To be considered, a complaint must address concerns relative to the application of the Commission’s standards, criteria, or procedures. The written complaint must plainly define the nature of the concern and substantial evidence must be included to support the allegations being made. No action will be taken on a complaint where the matters are under judicial consideration.

The Commission’s Director responds to all complaints within 30 days of their receipt. The Director reports on complaints received and their disposition at each regularly scheduled Commission meeting. Should a complaint require Commission consideration and action, all documentation will be provided and the complainant will be notified of the timing of the Commission’s review. In such cases the complainant will be informed of the Commission’s disposition in the matter within 14 days of any action taken.

Complaints against the Commission Director will be immediately forwarded to the Commission Chair, who will process the complaint in a manner similar to the processing of a complaint against the Commission.

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