Secondary Eligibility Requirements

To become a Candidate for Accreditation or be considered for accredited status, an institution must meet and maintain the following Eligibility Requirements:

  • Have a charter and/or formal authority from an appropriate governmental agency as a freestanding institution;
  • Be geographically located and organizationally structured to fall within the scope of Committee activities;
  • Have the legal authority to confer a certificate or diploma;
  • Have been in operation at least one year and graduated one class prior to the date of application;
  • Have a governing board, whether elected or appointed, with adequate voting membership that is representative of the public interest and is without any contractual, employment or personal financial investment in the institution;
  • Have employed a chief administrative officer;
  • Have a faculty, qualified by education and experience, which is significantly involved in the development and review of educational programs;
  • Have a basic plan for the development of the institution;
  • Have formally adopted and made public its statement of mission and program goals;
  • Have admission policies compatible with the institution's stated mission and program objectives.

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